Go out with dignity

This is the story of the Duck Lady. G-rated and hilarious. The End.

“Ask the many police officers, the lawyers, the phone calls, the letters, the cards, the fake profile conversations printed. There is a library of them called “Mrs. Duck”. They are all yours. Proof of the puddin, puddin. No one wants your Mr. Green Jeans but you.” ~ WakeUp Quote


There is one particular person that I do not know personally, she doesn’t know me personally, a grown woman in her 50’s, has been doing this for years. Everyone knows her and how she directs anger to to others online everywhere and all agree she is a “basket case”.

She escapes to her fantasy world through the internet, all day, every day, thinking that every person she talks to on there is her true friend. Some may be, but no one knows that until they meet face to face. Because, on the internet, we have the choice of being real or creating fantasy lives. Who would know the difference? She would and after years of fake profiles being found out, others do as well. She told me she was Gwen once and “taa taa” all the time while asking me personal questions through private messaging. “OH, that is just FAB! I love red shoes”.

I think of her as Sybil. A multi-personality, insecure, loner and does not communicate well with family, just people on the internet poking fun at others in the name of  television shows with horses…….lol…. and tornadoes, spiders, date nights, “I just went to the bathroom”, “I forgot to take my meds..now, what were they again? oh darnit, it was the drinking at night again that makes me forget….oh, look! There is a cloud”.

She is just a bored, unhappy, very funny lady. The kind that stand on their porches at night and yell obscene words at the neighborhood kids while her hubby is………well, nobody ever knows where he is. He is probably saying “HELP ME GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!”
duckheadGo out with dignity lady. Not some crazy person making stories up all the time every day like what’s his name……..Perez Hilton.

In the words of Dr. Phil: “You are effed up!”

I laugh. In fact, many of us do….she’s gone to Kansas with Dorothy and Toto, too.

One thing I can say good about this one, she can multitask while posting, tweeting,”being with family”. (yeah, right! another tale from the dark side)

She “does not cook”, never mentions her daughter who once called Dorothy-Gwen-Holly and husband “a baby kidnapper” AH! Never posts pictures of kids, daughter, husband and says to others : “That picture came off of Google! See? Catfish man taught me that!”.

Taa,that excuse does not work any more because there has been too many hacks into people’s private pictures so all of Google’s same images are not the same. Ask Neve he will tell Miss Fab.

she recites other people’s lives like she knows them. What a genius! I should be kind and suggest she become a news reporter. Then EVERYONE will love her like “I Love Lucy”

“Loooosy, you got some ‘splaining to do about telling friends that others lie” because then Santa won’t bring you that new home in “Here’s JOHNNY land”

we love Wanda Sykes but I think this one tops Wanda just a bit telling whoppers and eating them.

oh and Miss Fab has “all her ducks in a row” and then breaks them herself.

Even Napolean Dynamite knows your name and area that you dream from. You’ve been so consistent in following over years, breaking your own ducks in a row, not even a man in a pink tu tu

could stop  your ups and downs.


Geraldo Rivera might hire her. Let us vote. YOU GO wonder woman. There is always a showcase for actresses. All you would have to do is show up and be put in the cast of “Glee”

Some people have vivid imaginations. Sort of that like a child’s. Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t direct it at other people for years. Direct to help causes.

This one never quits. Can you imagine what goes through their mind daily, year after year?

I would not even want to try.

Only kids act like this or a superhero-Narcisst Woman.  No more taunts, pokes, or glancing my way.  You are getting your friend Ethel in trouble, too, because each taunting post is getting reported.

Freedom of speech and it is so not about you.

Go play with Mr. Ed. : )  ……lol…so silly.

Each taunt is reported. There are so many that everybody knows your name in Twit.

Every time, I will continue to report.

You have no control. Never did. Because I choose not to ever give it to you.


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