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Stalking on the internet is and can be very serious.


I’m not a psychologist, although I have a degree in psychology. I learn every day and will until I die. I do not know a person if I’m not with them, meet them in person, sit and talk to them one on one.

Many have struggles in life, I have come to know of those through friends and associates through the years.

Best advice I could give someone on this subject is this:
1) we all have choices. When we say “enough is enough” it should end there. The cycle stops when that is said.
2)If someone feels the need to repeat themselves many times over…That will never lead to happiness. It’s called “being stuck”.

People see that themselves and ask why does it persist? so best to start letting go.

3) Remain humble. Egos and having the last word is the culprit of stealing your happiness.

“What we see in others is essentially a reflection of what we see in ourselves and do not like.”.

A loving person lives in a loving world.A hostile person lives in a hostile world.Everyone you meet is your mirror.” – Ken Keyes, Jr.

I truly believe, along with many that have done studies on this, that staying on the internet day after day, all day long can “affect their mental state of mind”. Reason being, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

If you need help, there are plenty of places out there that can listen to you in private confidentiality. In extreme cases, people can be put on a 72 hour hold in a psychiatric clinic when they ” give sufficiently detailed information to support the belief that the person for whom evaluation and treatment is sought is in fact a danger to others, a danger to himself/herself and/or gravely disabled.”  I have seen it done to many patients.

Today, with technology, this is being taken care of with new media gadget trackers that can track a person down to their address wherever that may be and IP address on GPS, cell phones, computers and even family member’s information.

Be good to yourselves and stick to your words. Let us be good role models. Legally, morally and for the sake of taking good care of ourselves and family. It is not worth losing a good, loving life.

If you are homebound, suggestions are find a hobby, crafts, games. But not in the name of an awareness should someone follow and debate with others for no reason. One stalker in particular, has seen that this person is mentally not well. Has not been for years. This person thinks s/he knows everything about someone else’s life. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Stalkers also think, in their own mind, that others think about them. Another farther from the truth.

Those that stay online all day, every day to gossip and point fingers at, should be taken off the internet. Period. Because it does not help any one by following them, trying to control them, thinking that others think about this person. When the absolute truth is, this stalker is being investigated and watched.

Stalking is not taken lightly any more because of recent harassment via social media. There are many trackers out there to have the proof that we all need to have showing that person is indeed a stalker. An excellent site on the subject of stalkers and why they do it.

Don’t do it. And do not tolerate it. Protection Status

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WordPress…you are the greatest!

I have been blogging for years online. Writing books that never got published except for one, so far.
In all my marketing, promoting experience I have never found such a great blogging source as WordPress.
Through a great friend of mine who helped me learn WordPress from the get go last year and co-authored with me I have come to know that the gadgets in WordPress shows you the stats of your audience for each day. Not only that, but where the audience is located.

That is better than Google Analytics, in my opinion.

Thank you WordPress for all you do. Protection Status

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